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We run an international business that specialized in getting Japanese products to people who are unable to obtain them easily in their own countries.

We would be happy to shop for exactly what you need.
You simply e-mail us the list or the link of the page where you have found the products.

  • Make it easy for customers all over the world to purchase online in Japan.
  • Offer fast, reliable, efficient and inexpensive services.
  • Reply quickly to emails from customers (within the same business day)
  • Enter all incoming packages during the same business day.
  • Send all outgoing packages within 1-2 business days.
  • Have happy customers, which will recommend our service to others.
  • Fight against fraud and help merchants safely sell internationally.

How much does it cost?

Our service charge is just 15% of the product.(min.2,000yen per shop, you can order maximum 5 items . If you'd like to order more than 5 items at the same shop , handling will be 2,000yen+2,000yen)

You just pay


  • the product price
  • postage within Japan
  • Japanese tax (10%)
  • Bank wire, COD, any other charge for payment in Japan if needed.
  • Service charge ( 15% of the item per shop up to 5 items)             


  • Shipping expense to your address
Item  price 2,500yen
Actual cost within Japan 500yen
Shipping to your country (up to 500g to USA) 2,500yen
Service charge 


Tax (10%)750yen
Paypal charge (5%)413yen
Final Cost8,663yen

Provide us information regarding shopping needs.

We send you an invoice for the item price + actual cost to our office (see A).

Please make the 1st payment by paypal.

After we confirm your payment, we complete the purchase.

After we receive your item, we send you an invoice for the cost to your country (see B).

Please make the final payment for the cost to your country.

We ship your items to your address.


All packages will be shipped with trackable and fully insured shipping method through  Japan Post Service.  EMS by default. 

   Your package will be arrived in 2 - 5 business days.

* To insure a package for more than 20,000yen, 

   you will need to pay  50yen for every 20,000yen.

Terms and conditions

We do not accept item returns. If items are shipped back to our office due to customer reasons, such as non-delivery and non-payment of customs duty and taxes, all costs will be charged to the customer.
We will cancel your order if we do not receive payment for international shipping (2nd payment), within one week from the date of our payment request.

No refund

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